10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone

The Android operating system is one of the most popular, and most

versatile, on the market. Powering both smartphones and tablets, this robust operating system is known for its reliability, its stability and its speed.

Even so, Android devices are not always as speedy as they should be. If your once fast Android smartphone has slowed to a crawl, it is time to take action. There are some simple things you can do to speed up your Android phone, starting with the 10 outlined below.

  1. Delete apps you no longer use. Every app on your phone uses up resources, and removing unneeded or rarely used ones is sure to speed up your phone.
  2. Turn off push notifications for the apps you do use. Unnecessary notifications can interrupt your day, and use up precious resources on your phone. Look at the notifications on your phone, then turn off all but the most essential.
  3. Free up space. Having lots of stuff on your phone will reduce its efficiency and its speed, so offload unneeded files and photos to the cloud.
  4. Stick with a single home screen. The ability to have multiple home screens may be convenient, but it also a great way to eat up your memory and slow down your phone.
  5. Seek out and kill pre-installed applications. Smartphones are not immune to bloatware, and this extra software could be slowing down your device. Take a closer look at the application list, then remove anything you do not need.
  6. Keep your device up to date. The manufacturers of Android smartphones are always looking for ways to make their devices better, releasing updates and fixes to optimize user experience. Updating your Android to the latest software update could speed up the device by eliminating bottlenecks.
  7. Skip the fancy effects. Animation and other gimmicks may be cool, but they use up a lot of resources. If you want to speed up your Android smartphone, stick to the basics.
  8. Close background apps. Having frequently used applications running in the background might make sense, but not all apps need to run that way. Take a look at what is running in the background, then shut down anything you do not need.
  9. Reboot your phone. Simply restarting your Android phone could speed up its performance, so take a few minutes and give your device a fresh start.
  10. Clean out your cache. Android smartphones cache data for future use, but those caches can get pretty big. Taking a few minutes to clear out that cached data could speed up your device and make your phone more useful.

If your Android smartphone is slower than it used to be, you do not have to live with a sluggish device or resign yourself to poor performance. With the 10 tips listed above, you can regain your lost speed and get more out of your favorite device.

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