12 Signs You Are Spending too Much Time on Your Phone

Smartphones are one of the most important tools of today. It is used to connect with friends, capture memories, set reminders, and even order food. However, phones can be addictive In fact, you might notice that you’re reaching for your phone more times that you can count every day.

Do you think that your phone is slowly taking over your life? Here are some signs that indicate it might be time to disconnect your phone and connect with real life.

You Are Always Holding Your Phone

Right now, where is your phone? Are you holding it? Is it beside you? Most people treat their phone as an extension of their bodies. Because of this, you might be getting your phone out at the most inappropriate times such as family meals or even meetings.

If your phone is always close by, you will also be tempted to check it more often. While it’s okay to look at it every once in a while, it is not normal to check it every 10 seconds. Checking your phone constantly means that you are not paying attention to the people you are with. Instead, you’re busy texting, checking your social media, or even gaming.

If this applies to you, challenge yourself by not looking at your phone when you share meals with others or simply spending time with them.

Your Partner Feels Ignored

Although phones are an important tool for connecting with loved ones, it can also cause people closest to you to feel neglected. When your partner feels you are ignoring him or her, it’s time to consider your priorities.

Not only can your partner feel ignored, he or she might also become suspicious or jealous. Spending time with your partner is more important than checking your phone constantly.

Make time to always initiate insightful conversation with your partner instead of checking social media on your phone. If you are noticing your partner getting annoyed with you, it might be because you are too focused on your phone.

You Only Talk to Your Friends on Social Media

When was the last time you talked with your friends in person? Although it’s normal to share funny videos and memes with your friends online, you do not want all conversation to happen on social media.

When going out with your friends, leave your phone in your car, in the house, or on the table. Be engrossed with events happening in real life rather than your phone.

You Are Constantly Charging Your Phone

Phone batteries are meant to last for a full day. If you are constantly charging your phone to keep its battery from dying, it may mean that you are using it too much.

You Sometimes Feel Phantom Vibrations

If you are addicted to your phone, you have probably experienced panic about phantom vibrations.

When you think your phone is vibrating but it’s actually not, that feeling is called phantom vibrations. This is a sign you are becoming anxious about not having your phone and your body may be interpreting other things as a message or notification.

You Are Always Feeling Anxious

Phone addiction does not always mean you are constantly holding your phone. Sometimes, its symptoms can surface when you are not holding your digital buddy. If you are noticing you feel anxious and bored every time your phone is not in your hand, or if the thought of leaving your phone at home makes you panic, you need to work on this.

Never Enough Time

Have you ever told yourself to look at your phone for only five minutes to check the time but realize you used your phone for more than an hour? Looking at your phone for an extended period means you are losing precious time you should be spending with friends or family.

You Cannot Stop Updating Your Social Media

Although social media addiction is not the same as phone addiction, it still has some intertwined elements. If you cannot put down your phone whenever you are with loved ones because you constantly want to update your Facebook or Instagram accounts, it means that you have a problem and you need to take a break.

You Find Yourself Mindlessly Scrolling

Phone addicts are like zombies. You can spend countless hours just scrolling through your camera roll and social media feeds. If you can relate to this problem, you need to learn how to moderate your use of social media.

Do not think that you are scrolling simply because you have nothing else to do. Think about it, doing anything that kills time such as working out is better than looking at your phone for hours.

You Are Always Looking at Other People’s Lives

Everybody showcases the best things about their lives on social media – grand vacations, new car or happy relationships. However, nobody posts anything that would paint them badly.

This is why you might be tempted to compare yourself as you look at the perfectly curated feeds of your friends and online celebrities. Do not feel like a failure if you see other people’s success.

You Are Living a Dull Life

Have you ever spent time with your friends but you are not even talking to each other? While waiting for meals, do you notice everyone at the table is glued to their phones?

This is a sign that you are using your phone too much. Do not fall asleep on real-life events because you are too busy watching people’s lives on social media or you’re too obsessed playing mobile games.

You Find It Difficult to Sleep

If you are addicted to your smartphone, you might be noticing it hard to sleep. According to research, phones emit blue light which can disrupt your sleep patterns. Because of this, you cannot fall asleep as easily as you did before.

If you cannot stop reaching for your phone until you go to bed despite knowing it affects your sleeping cycle, then you’re probably addicted to your phone.

Get Off Your Phone

Instagram is not harmful. Taking photos on your phone is not harmful. Your phone only becomes damaging if you cannot detach from it.

If you checked off the majority of the signs on this list, it means that you need to deal with being addicted to your phone. Although your phone can help you become productive, it can lead to mindless swiping and scrolling in the long run!

Remember, you should be the one controlling the device buzzing in your pocket; it should not be controlling you.

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