How to Build a Following on Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular websites for sharing images. Gaining a healthy following on Instagram can open many doors and have numerous benefits for the account owner. Whether you want to promote another business, make money from sponsorship or simply get your content seen by as many people as possible, having a large Instagram following is extremely helpful. These five tips will help you along the path towards Instagram success.

Quality plus quantity

The most important aspect for any ambitious Instagram user to focus on is frequently posting quality content. If you want to grow your following quickly, you need to be able to stick to a demanding schedule. Plan ahead to create a calendar for your posts. The more comprehensively you can plan your posts, the more likely you’ll be to stick to the schedule.

Everything you post on Instagram instantly becomes an extension of your brand. Therefore, it’s vitally important that you adhere to the highest possible standards of quality for your account. Invest time and effort into creating the best images you can and you will be repaid with an increased following.


Many people think more is better when it comes to hashtags, but that isn’t necessarily the case. How you choose your hashtags is more important than how many you can cram into the description. Hashtags are gateways to new communities, so take the time to research the most appropriate ones for your specific content.

You can also create your own unique hashtag and promote it across your other social media. By having your own hashtag, you can create a place for your online community to congregate and participate in a conversation about your brand. The hashtags you use can have a dramatic impact on the reach of your posts, so it’s important to consider all your options.


One of the best aspects of Instagram is that you gain immediate access to a wealth of other content creators. Spend time getting to know the other active accounts in your field. Comment on their posts and become an active member of the community. If you can find a network of creators with shared ideals and with a similar number of followers, you may be able to initiate a productive working relationship.

Reach out to your fellow content creators whenever it feels appropriate. Send them a DM explaining who you are and asking whether they would like to collaborate. For instance, you could post their image with a link to their page in the description and they could return the favour on their account. A simple exchange of content can lead to increased exposure for both parties.


Your social media presence should extend beyond Instagram, even if sharing images is your main focus. Other social media apps and sites are a vital way of discovering new followers and directing them to your content. Connect your various social media accounts and use them to link to your Instagram account whenever you create a new post.

Most internet users spread their attention across various social media sites so don’t limit yourself by sticking solely to Instagram. Twitter and Facebook are both especially suited to sharing Instagram posts and can both be a major source of new followers.


One of the key elements of Instagram’s user interface is the ability for followers to comment on individual posts. This provides an excellent opportunity to interact with the people who appreciate your content. By replying to comments and answering questions, you can create a bond between your account and your followers that will, in time, generate a sense of loyalty.

Followers that feel valued are more likely to share content and promote channels voluntarily. Needless to say, an Instagram account with a base of loyal and engaged followers will grow quicker and more organically than one without.

Instagram has immense potential. A large and dynamic following on Instagram can help a person or a brand achieve their media and marketing goals. The path towards an increased follower count isn’t always easy, but with persistence and a working knowledge of social media strategies, you can succeed where many others have failed.

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