How to Find Parking in a Crowded City

17 hours every year – that’s how much the average American is driving looking for a parking spot. And, according to one report, 42% of us have missed an appointment because we couldn’t find a parking place in time. 

If you live in a crowded city, then you may be all too familiar with this problem. While being mentally prepared and aware of the difficulties of finding a parking spot may help reduce some of the stress, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are out of solutions. 

Here are a few life hacks that can make finding parking in a crowded city easy. 

Drive around the Block

cars parked in a parkade

We’ll have to be honest: this isn’t the best of solutions, but it can be effective. Driving around the block can be time-consuming and an adventure in and of itself. If you don’t know the area, then you may get stuck in traffic while circling around. So make sure to use an app like Google Maps or Waze to avoid any congested area. 

Even if you do find a spot, there may be certain restrictions, so you won’t be able to park how and for how long you would want. 

Another factor to keep in mind is that driving around the block could potentially make the traffic in the area worse. The more you drive, the higher the chances of being involved in an accident. Not to mention, you will consume more oil too. However, in spite of all the cons, this lifehack comes with, sometimes it can be the only way to find a spot and get to your destination. 

Use Technology

street parking

One of the best ways of finding a parking space is being prepared and doing research before you leave the house. If you are going to an event, check their website for any tips or information regarding parking. 

But, if that wasn’t possible and you are already on your way, then technology might come in handy. Here are a few apps that can make finding a parking spot easy: 

  • ParkoPedia: This app will show you all the available paid parking spaces close to your location. The app will also estimate how much you will have to pay for certain periods so that you are prepared. 
  • Parkmobile: Not only that this app makes looking for a parking space easy, but it simplifies the entire process too. Parkmobile partners with different cities to create an exhaustive map of available garages and parking spaces or lots. Once you find one, you can also use the app to pay for it. After you park, you will see a code that you will have to enter in your app. Then you will have to select for how long you are planning on staying and the parking session will begin. The app will charge your credit card automatically. If your session is running out, but you aren’t back yet, you can use the app to extend it. The app will also guide you in case you forget where you’ve parked. 
  • Robin: Operating a phone while driving is not only difficult but also dangerous. The great thing about this app is that it’s hands-free, meaning that it’s enough to wave your hand or tap the screen to turn it on. Then, ask the app to find the nearest parking spot. Not only that the app will do that, but it will also tell you how many spots are available. Moreover, it can also provide multiple options so that you can choose the most affordable one. 

To Conclude

Finding a parking space in a crowded city can be a hassle. Hopefully, these life hacks will come in handy.