How to Add Wireless Charging to Any Smartphone

There was a time when smartphone manufacturers made their best phones with wireless charging technology, but, currently, the flagship smartphones offered from all major phone retailers do not include wireless charging capabilities. However, it’s incredibly easy to add wireless charging to your phone yourself!

Wireless Charging Phone Cases

Some phones, like recent iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy series, can use wireless charging phone cases. The wireless charging phone case market is dominated by the Mophie brand, but there are other brands offered. 

Wireless Charging Adapters

Wireless charging adapters are a more versatile wireless charging option because you simply stick the adapter on the back of your phone and plug it into your phone’s charging port. They are not as costly as the wireless charging phone cases, and the adapters will fit many more types of phones than the phone cases will. You will need to make sure that the adapter you purchase fits your phone’s charger port and is compatible with Qi wireless charging pads. These stick-on adapters are the best choice for a simple, low-cost wireless charging option.

See how to turn any phone into a wireless charging phone here: 

Wireless Charging Mods

For the more tech-savvy smartphone user, there are modifications that can be done to your phone to give it wireless charging capabilities. You will need to break open your phone and install a wireless charging induction cable into your phone’s body. This mod can work for both older and newer phones. You should comfortably be able to navigate circuit boards and use a soldering iron. So, this solution is not for people who are not familiar with tech.

The Bottom Line

Wireless charging is convenient and fuss-free, and it helps to prevent broken charger ports that make your phone incapable of charging. With three different options that cater to different price and skill levels, you are sure to find a wireless charging solution for your phone.