Whole Home WiFi Solutions

Everybody has experienced the no man’s land of a WiFi deadzone inside their home. Fortunately, there are a few easy and affordable ways to improve WiFi connectivity without breaking the bank.

Get a Second Router

One of the most common solutions to WiFi dead zones is to simply purchase a second router. You might have noticed this in a friend’s house if you see multiple WiFi names inside the home.

This tends to be a simple and affordable solution for large properties because it only requires that the owner set up a second router instead of reworking the entire system. However, this method is not without its setbacks.

Not only will this method require you to set up multiple WiFis under multiple names with multiple passwords, but it will also run the risk of causing your devices to disconnect when moving between coverage zones. 

Invest in a Multi-Node or Mesh System

A more expensive but more efficient alternative is to purchase a multi-node mesh WiFi system, also known as a “whole home system.”

These systems are great for any sized home and allow flexibility, control, and consistent connectivity without compromising bandwidth integrity, unless you overload the system with too many devices. But that could happen on any WiFi system.

A mesh WiFi system comprises a host of smaller “satellite” connectors scattered throughout the house, as well as one main router connected directly to the modem. These “satellites” serve purposes similar to real satellites, reflecting the signal from the modem through the router and to all the various locations in your home.



There are plenty of WiFi solutions for your home, but why stop short of a whole home solution? A mesh system not only serves to eliminate or alleviate dead zones but also helps facilitate ease and security of connection.