Tips on Setting up a Home Network

When you stop to consider how difficult it can be to set up a home wireless network without professional assistance, you begin to understand why most people prefer to just pay the cable company to send somebody to set one up.

But if you’re looking to spend some time and save some money, here are a few pieces of advice that will make it much less stressful.

Decide on the Router’s Permanent Location Before Starting

Once the router has been connected to all the necessary cables and ports in the wall, it becomes incredibly difficult to relocate it. For this reason, you’ll want to make absolutely certain that you know where you want the router to be installed before you begin work.

If you’ve already installed your router but don’t like where you’ve put it, don’t give up! There are plenty of remaining options.

Find a Detailed Guide

Oftentimes, routers will come with set-up instructions in the box, but they’re not always the best. Online guides such as this one are specifically designed to be read by people who either don’t have the instructions or find them difficult to follow.

Even professionals occasionally will search for online guides, so don’t feel bad about asking for help!

Use YouTube if You Have Any Questions

An often overlooked but incredibly helpful tool for any set-up or breakdown is YouTube. This online video-sharing platform has countless videos of everything from people teaching you how to tie a tie to music videos to cartoon shows and even blockbuster motion pictures.


You might have noticed by now how my few tips and tricks open up doors to countless other tips and tricks. That’s because there is no one way to set up a home network.

So, if the way that your instructions tell you to do it simply isn’t working, go online and find out what others have to say!