How to Run Android Apps in Google Chrome

Android apps can be addicting. Sometimes, you accidentally run out of phone battery because you cannot stop playing them. (Oops.) There is some good news, though. Android apps can be played in the Google Chrome browser! This means you’ll never have to cry because your phone has died again. You can just hop on your computer and continue where you left off. Here’s how to run Android apps in the Google Chrome browser.

There are Some Limitations

Before assuming that Google Chrome will run the app as your Android does, be aware of differences between the Android app and the Chrome browser’s ability to play it. You’ll have to choose a few options before using the app, like if you want a portrait or landscape setting and if you want to play the app in phone or tablet mode. Unfortunately, only one app is able to be played at a time – so no double dipping in the app pool. Additionally, the only playable apps available for Chrome have to be compatible with Android 4.4 and higher.  Last, make sure that you have Chrome updated completely.

See how to run Android apps in Google Chrome here: 


Playing Your App with Chrome

When you play an Android app on Chrome for the first time, you have to go through a small process to set the browser up beforehand. You will first open Chrome, find the ARC Welder app extension, and download it. Once Arc Welder is installed, you press Launch App. This will prompt you to choose and download the APK file for the app you want to use. Then, add the APK file to the extension with the Choose option. Make your preferences choices, and then Test the app. 

Not Everything is Perfect

Not all apps will work properly on their first test run. Some may just need their settings adjusted. Others just may not be compatible. But you will find plenty of playable apps that you can choose from to keep you entertained.